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  • Lo Talc Clay ∆ 04-06


    The perfect clay body for throwing small scale. This 5lb bag is just enough clay to get you going. This is manufactured by my local pottery supply Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA.  You can order a 25lb bags directly from them.

    A talc body with more clay for throwing characteristics. Slightly off white but retains good color with glazes. Cone 06-2.  Wet Color gray, Oxidation Color white, Reduction Color white, Texture smooth, Shrinkage 10.5%, Absorption 16.0%.

  • Tool Set


    Starting with Kemper brand tools, each one is slightly modified to replicate the exact set that Jon uses.

    This tool set comes with

    Two Kemper wood tools

    One Kemper Needle tool

    Five Ceramic Bats

    One sponge



    The wheel specifically designed for small scale ceramics.

  • Bats (Set of 5)


    Set of 5 Ceramic Bats

    The purpose of a bat is to allow easy removal of a thrown pot from the wheel head. A set of bats is very convenient if you plan on throwing multiple pieces at a time.